Champion of Health
Lady Luna-Nova of Rossingham (Luna)

.  (Retired)

Chester Brauni IZ Pomestya Bernov, CGC (Oscar)

BG# 148407

Hips  Fair, Elobws normal , Eyes normal, Heart normal, vWd clear, DM SOD1A Clear, SOD1B clear

Rosabella Van't Stokerybos (Bella)

BG# 150029

vWd clear, Eyes Normal, Heart Normal, DM  SOD1A clear, SOD1B clear, Elbows Normal, Hips Fair

Favorit Timbernes Asher

BG #158047

vWd clear, DM SOD 1A clear, SOD 1b clear, Heart Normal, Eyes Normal, Elbows Normal

Pennhip 0.36, 0.38




vWd clear, DM SOD1A clear, SOD1B clear, Eyes Normal, Elbows Normal

Samantha Canis Admiralibis

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