Champion of Health
Lady Luna-Nova of Rossingham (Luna)

BG# 144192

CHIC# 131711

Hips good, Elbows normal, Heart normal, Eyes normal, Vwd clear, DM carrier, SOD1B clear

Chester Brauni IZ Pomestya Bernov, CGC (Oscar)

BG# 148407

Hips fair (Prelim), Elbws normal (prelim), Eyes normal, Heart normal, vWd clear, DM Clear, SOD1B clear

Rosabella Van't Stokerybos (Bella)

BG# 150029

vWd clear, DM clear, SOD1B clear

OFA's mission is to promote the health and  welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease. Click Logo to learn about Bernese Mountain Dog testing preformed on our parents.

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